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Norfolk Islands: Australia’s external territory

Norfolk island is regarded as one of Australia‘s external territories.  This country is self independent and holds a rich history. The capital of this island is Kingston while the largest city is Burnt Pine. The official language is English, and the political rule is under the English Monarch.  As part of the storied history of the Norfolk islands, it served as a convict penal settlement in the 18th century.  However, this murky past was washed away with the uprising of civilization in the 19th century.  A picture of Norfolk islands in figures is presented below.

Figures that give the story

  • 29 03 S 167 96 E: the coordinates of Norfolk islands on the world map.
  • 34.6: the number of square kilometers that Norfolk islands territory covers.
  • 672: the Norfolk islands calling code.
  • 1979: the year that Norfolk islands became a self governing territory.
  • 2,302: the total population of the Norfolk islands.
  • A $: the Australian dollar is the monetary currency that is used in the Norfolk Islands.

Interesting facts about Norfolk Islands

  • The main economic mainstay of this region is tourism.
  • Residents of Norfolk islands do not pay taxes. This makes this area a tax haven of sort.
  • The state fills its financial purse by levying an import duty tax to finance its projects.
  • Shortfalls in Norfolk islands’ budgets are supplemented by the Australian taxpayer.
  • With regard to Norfolk one can not speak about a local culture.
  • The Norfolk islands enjoy a unique blend of cultures; the culture of the Norfolk islands is made up of the cultures present in all Oceania states.

There are a number of fun activities that one can do when in Norfolk, and some of these are listed below:

  • Bird watching: the Island has a rich array of bird species that will no doubt warm the heart of any lover of birds.
  • Picnic sites and wedding venues: it is very possible for one to host a spectacular wedding on this island, especially on Emily bay.
  • Site seeing: for those individuals who appreciate Mother Nature, this island state offers nature’s beauty that will blow you away. Some of the must visit sited include Norfolk Island pines, Captain Cook lookout, Bird Rock, and Cathedral Rock.

Public Transport and Car Hire in Norfolk islands

The Norfolk islands area is still virgin territory, but it is possible to get car rental firms in the island. The car hire firms here are professionally run, and they offer car rental facilities to suit individual tastes and budgets. You can select from a wide range of car rental vehicles. They vary from SUVs to 4door cars. For a great time exploring the Norfolk islands, it is advisable to make sure that, as you rent a car, you get a 4wheel drive. This way you will be able to access places that other type cars cannot.

Car rental agencies in Norfolk islands vary from top rate premium rates to cheap car hire rates. Whatever captures your fancy, the car rental industry in Norfolk islands has you covered.

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